6 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – Christmas!

  1. Went to Whitby a few weeks ago.  Stayed in a converted cowshed (hubby of jules sure knows how to treat a girl) overlooking the abbey.  It was absolutely beautiful, fantastic scenery…lots of Dracula inspired shops…they hold a great gothic weekend in October…some of the Victorian costumes are amazing.  I shall look out for the recommended book….If I can’t get it shall we discuss Winnie the Pooh or Jill’s Gymkhana…you clever lady how did you know these were some of my fav piccys…I love my geeky boring accountant…bless you

    Whoops I sound like the vicar

  2. @Jules,

    Husband of Jules sounds a very romantic fellow! And I doubt the cowshed bore any resemblance to Owen’s converted barn. 🙂  What a lovely holiday!  I vote we discuss we discuss Pooh, failing the rest. Does Tigger require ritalin?

  3. Hi Fitzg and Judiang,
    Thanks for the reading suggestions!  And, of course, Harry and Gerry always perk up * my day.
    Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->
    *  I had a flat tire today.  Boo hoo.

  4. @Gratiana – OUCH! Just when you really need a flat tire: DIY Man on the way….

    For all the love of Guy and Lucas 7, Harry continues to reside in my heart, too. Fortunate Geraldine!

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