Fitzg’s Journeys – ChaRActer Paternalism: Part 2

Fitzg Journeys returns with part 2 on the paternalism in RA’s characters.

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2 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – ChaRActer Paternalism: Part 2

  1. Hi Fitzg,
    Most insightful comparisons.    I note that both Dean and Ashok mistrusted Lucas to varying degrees.  And in Dean’s case, he was right.   I wonder if Lucas–having experienced the loss of Dean under his watch–troubled over Section D’s using Ashok?  I haven’t watched Spooks enough times to recall.  Ha!  But, now that I have my own dvd set, I’ll have to rectify my memory problems.

    In any case, thank you for the lovely image of Thomas and Thornton.  One gets a glimpse of Thornton as a father someday.   I view Thornton as having had strife inflicted upon him by his own father, and perhaps, wanting to alleviate that condition in others–when he recognizes their own humanity, as “taught” to him by Margaret as you point out.   It is a most touching connection between these two characters.

    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. Grati, yes, I was rather taken aback by Lucas’ threats to Ashok, after his working to gain Dean’s trust. That his going into the school against orders could be well explained by your scenario – that he wasn’t going to lose another another teenage victim (pawn, in the case of Ashok). Thanks for helping interpret! It’s why I like comments: if I start with a shaky premise, or haven’t quite developed it, commenters are so valuable!

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