Fitzg’s Journeys – BeenVasyey-ed?

Fitzg’s Journey is back, but this time she’s gone to far.  Has she been “BeenVasyey-ed?”   *gulp*

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11 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – BeenVasyey-ed?

  1. Fitzg,

    I think it is very interesting that you offer your left hand (the left-hand path sometimes equated with malicious Black Magic).  Sheriff Vasey seems rather left-hand path to me. In fact he would make a convincing Baphomet (he has the, um …,  “man boobs” to cover the male/female duality and he would rock a set of goat horns). I think his dark side (his “sinister” as you put it) is definitely the key to any heart throb potential he has.

    Plus, as you allude to,  there is some kind of argument to be made based on his hairiness AND, I will add, baldness as these are both related to high testosterone (Aren’t they? Biology can be so ironic!).

    In fact, there may be some evolutionary argument that Vasey is a heart throb because he is hairy:

    Then, beyond all of that, he is amusing. Amusing is very good. Amusing and dangerous. We just need to overlook the toenail cutting and the bird crushing (but we all know people with little quirks don’t we?) and the paunchy figure and his curious long term bachelor status (??) and maybe Sheriff Vasey can claim something like the appeal of other amusing and dangerous villains like Uncle Scar from The Lion King and Severus Snape and The Joker and just about any character played by Christopher Walken …

  2. @Beengizzied, The Sheriff as practioner of the Black Arts! Very nice.Actually, I offer the left hand, as there isn’t a hint of ambidexterity here. 🙂 So, must be on the right path…

  3. LOL! Thanks Fitzg!

    I love this couple,bump up  and down in my chair    with joy, when Sheriff is coming ‘too close’  to Guy! 🙂

    Yes,I agree,there isn’t a hint of ambidexterity here. 😀

  4. The sheriff is the kind of bad guy that I loved. He was vile yet sorta kinda charming. My biggest frustration with the show was Robin’s lack of ability to kill the sheriff every time he had a chance, but I guess if that happened no more show. I never got a homosexual vibe from the sherrif, even towards Guy (is that what you were hinting at?). I felt the sheriff to be asexual and his relationship with Guy to be more about the power he had over him than a sexual desire. When I watched the show, I never realized it was supposed to be for children, I just like that kind of stuff. LOL. Great post as always fitzg!

    • There was discussion in the fandom about Vasey’s designs on Gisborne, as well as the Allan/Gisborne relationship. On the whole, I’m inclined to agree, Jael, that Vasey’s overriding motivation was power. Any “questionable” action – “I’ll give you a kiss, Gisborne” – was intended to keep Guy off-balance. The Sheriff”s M.O. was generally to keep everyone off balance.

  5. Vasey (Keith Allen) was one of my favourites. I loved his black humour …. I was wondering if he was inspired by Black Adder (The Elizabethan one)?

  6. Hi Fitzg,
    KA was so bad, he was good.  But his over the top acting style was only balanced by RA’s “buying” into the sheriff through RA’s own authentic acting style.  These two, Keith and Richard–not to be confused with Keith Richards, Ha!–were a great comedy/malevolence team.  Ha!
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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