Fitzg’s Journeys: Back to the Future

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for Fitzg’s Journeys.  This week, she goes Back to the Future – Richard Armitage’s future.

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22 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys: Back to the Future

    • Whatever supporting role the fan community plays is only that of encouragement. A sort of lay-peoples’ endorsement of the actor’s skill. Whatever long-term vision the actor himself/herself has, will be subject to industry/business concerns and opportunities, I would think.

  1. I just hope that in the not too distant future the powers that be will recognize how he works and what he does with his characters and that he is capable of playing more than action heroes. Having input with BS is all very well, but what can be expected from a movie like this at best?

    • Whatever recycled dross the “interim” film offers, on the gold/silver side, it will deliver at least one gleam of solid ore in the mining pan.

      • But will anyone except fans looking for it notice? Or will this push him further away from the quality stuff and into the crowd-pleasing action corner? And maybe he is happy with stuff like this and gets his creative kick out of it nonetheless, even if the finished product is far from perfect.

  2. Given the news today it would be tempting to hope he might have a chance to persue Richard III if he is still interested, IF.

    • The Hollywood projects he might be offered may possibly be bigger than anything he could do with RIII, so maybe he is no longer interested. In spite of telling people that he is no movie star, I fully expect him to pursue the path that leads to becoming a movie star. I also expect him to stay in the US as long as they have work for him.

  3. I have no idea where his current status will take him. So many variables in this business. Just hope he has a good agent, who can be dispassionate about offers. Whatever, Mr. Armitage is a free agent in the sense that the choices are his, and decisions his to make. Naturally, I hope that the Leicester developments will have an influence. Again, the buck stops with him…(to misquote a former President of my neighbours to the south.)

  4. Fanny, I hope too for that segue and outcome. There has been much fan support for it. On my part, also, a deep interest in that king. And Ms. Langley has been a very strong advocate. In the end, it is his choice. If he sees Hollywood as his acting destiny. So be it. More and more good actors are going to Indie films and yes, also seeing the the small screen as potentially more inventive. Despite reality shows…

    • I expect RA to go were the money is, given a chance. If SB wasn’t enough to fully convince me of this, Black Sky is.

      • Personally, I see nothing wrong with an actor taking roles according to interest and profitability. Just because he’s a crush doesn’t mean he’s endowed with any more special “I’m an artiste” sensibility than any other working actor.

        BTW, I wonder if he wasn’t given Black Sky as part of deal for signing onto the 3rd Hobbit movie.

        • Indeed, judiang. It is not a bad idea for any of us who have a major crush on an actor, to be able to stand back, take a breath, and keep in mind that actors have public personas. Personas are not necessarily cynically thought through, probably more often a response to an interview, or whatever, situation. As are their career choices. As for the tornado thingy, still trying to get my head around a “hero” called Gary. (Apologies to the Garys of the world. Don’t care much for my given name, either) Can he actually do a better American accent than the unfortunate Sarah/Genevieve?
          Oh dear, not inspired by much at the moment. Not a Tolkien fan, and a few months before we see the Thorin performance. Gary. Well. Only inspired by Richard III, who has been slightly dead for 500 or so years….

          • I’m really skeptical about the accent, too. I hope he tries American standard rather than going full bore Oklahoma. However, I don’t make the decisions.

            I’m softening on The Hobbit, as I’ve said recently.

      • Given that I now believe that he must have signed for the third Hobbit film before Black Sky was announced, I suspect (whether he got Black Sky as a part of that deal, or it was just something on the table at the right time) that his thinking was, if I go back to NZ to do the third film, that’s likely to take me into the middle of 2013 before I can do any other projects. I can kind of see how that would be frustrating professionally (even apart from either the financial, publicity, or artistic aspects — and on at least two of those levels Black Sky makes a ton of sense as a decision that gets him money and means he’ll have something that comes out between Hobbit 1 and 2, which means he won’t burst onto the Hollywood scene as “that guy who keeps on playing a dwarf.”) Given time constraints, I now don’t believe that we’ll get a sense of where he sees his career going until we know what project he’ll choose to work on after the middle of 2013. I think that could go a lot of different ways — and I think, perhaps, that he might already have made that commitment. So we’ll see. In other words, I see Black Sky as a practical decision (I’ve got a few months, I want to do a film, and I want Hollywood to know me for something other than Thorin Oakenshield) rather than a statement about what he wants his career to be. I suppose you could argue that if he always decides on the basis of practicality that’s a decision in itself, but as we’ve said before, he doesn’t have total maneuverability.

        • servetus, you have put my thoughts into words, better than I have managed. And tornado thing at least gives him physical exercise. 😀 I assume. No matter what vision you might have for your life, you still have to be practical about reaching the goal. I don’t regard Black Sky as a sell-out. It is more carpe diem, as was Strike Back. I do think your sense of BS (whoops, not a fortunate choice of shorthand.) BLACK SKY, is shrewd. Only, I wonder how widespread the distribution of this film will be, and whether indeed, it will ameliorate the “guy who plays dwarves” image. Show a leg, Mr. A! The entire leg…

        • I agree with you on your assessment of Black Sky. I suspected as well that it was part of a deal about a third film, at least it comes handy that it is the same production company, and as they can advertise him as “Hobbit star” when it is released next year, he may well be paid just for that. I’m also aware that right now no-one can cast him based on the impact Thorin will hopefully have. Though I hope that filming for the third film won’t take that long and leaves room for a few more projects between now and next summer.

          However, I don’t see Black Sky as useful for his career expect as an opportunity to prove he can do the accent. If not for something “artistic” I had hoped for something involving famous actors and directors, even if it is a smaller part and not that “artistic”. But who will look at BS? What chances does it have to become a box office hit, if not a hit with the critics?

          Frenz’ interview with Todd Garner, that made other proud and happy, made me angry because again I see him wasting his talent and he effort he puts into his work on a mediocre project again.

          • I was troubled by the content of that interview, too, until someone explained to me why it was given in the first place. Most of what we read is highly suspect, but the percentage of highly suspect information in that interview is probably higher than usual.

      • I actually would not mind him doing stuff that is popular. Popularity and quality seem to be mutually exclusive sometimes, but they don’t need to be. But my reasons are mostly selfish, as I already have enough grief with my other ‘crush’ (in a different art form), who devoted himself to high art, and would not lift a finger to gain popularity.
        Believe me, it hurts quite a bit to realize that so few people know him, and it’s also a major loss for those who’ll never discover him.

        • it’s also not like Armitage hasn’t put in plenty of time in service of high art — at the RSC, auditioning for stage roles afterward, and so on. It may not be his ideal metier for whatever reason.

  5. Jane, keep in mind that respected actors do “pimp” for money. Way back when, Laurence Olivier made a regrettable film – The Prince and the Showgirl”, with Marilyn Monroe! It helped fund his dream of a National Theatre, with Sir Larry as actor-manager. There is a difference, I admit. By all accounts, Lord Olivier did not enjoy the experience or appreciate Ms. Monroe’s habitual tardiness. Mr. Armitage appears to actually enjoy the action man stuff. So, rather than attempting to be an apologist, I too will reserve judgement, and hope for better things. Gary…..(taking a deep breath. “Gary”!!! Oh dear….)

    • I would absolutely, perfectly be fine with him making “practical” decisions every now and then and mix those projects with more artistic stuff. As it has often been said, many respected actors do that, and often the money earned that way enables them to pursue what really interests them. The problem I have with RA is that he always seems to make practical decisions. He talks about his dream projects but I don’t see him pursuing them seriously.

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