23 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – Bless His Cotton Socks

  1. I’m probably in the minority, but I like Harry Kennedy’s stripey sweaters!

    When I saw the subject line, I have to admit that my mind immediately went to Paul’s socks in Between the Sheets!

  2. And…..can you be sure that the jumpers are actually woollen?

    I have very sensitive skin and can’t wear wool anywhere near my upper chest and neck, so my jumpers have to be knitted from an acrylic yarn that only looks like wool but doesn’t make me itch!

    Yea…..I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Paul’s socks. Great minds or what!

  3. Oh…… how I love Richard’s tiny little Cebeebies t-shirts and Lucas’ snug long-sleeved ones and very-fitted buttoned-up shirts and those tight, tight jeans on well-muscled thighs to-die-for and…..

    Oh, shut up, Kathryn, you dirty old woman! Give the poor “beautiful boy” a break. He can’t help it if he fills out his clothes so spectacularly!

    One last look…..Aaaahhhhh!

    And don’t you just love the tiny black short-sleeved cotton shirt straining across the broad chest (with or without hair!!!) that appeared at “The Hobbit” press conference in NZ last February?

    I am so grateful for the invention of YouTube and the free downloadable Real Player and all you ladies who can make screencaps and fanvids and funny captions and gifs, etc. Thank you very very much (wish I could remember the words to that song?)

  4. @bccmee and Kathryn, I wanted a pic of Paul’s socks! (must be in the laundry…) Then this bloglet would have had to come with a warning – R-rated. 😀 Harry looked teddy bear cuddly in the stripey sweaters.
    @Kathryn, the sweaters probably are acrylic – I have some sensitivity to wool next the skin too. But poor little Pinkie’s frock was likely cotton, as her family lived in Jamaica.

  5. Hi Fitzg,
    Another lovely essay. And thanks for the dedication. ;->

    I’m a cravat girl–especially when it comes off. And I love the one size fits all men’s shirts of the North & South period–full and billowing sleeves, generous expanse of material across the broad chest, and an unbuttoned collar (when that cravat is off) to reveal his neck and a hint of chest below. And cotton is soft and pliable beneath my fingers as I slowly slide it off of him, tempting him to be late for work–just this once.

    Oh Dear, now I’ll be late for work if I don’t put on my cotton dress. Ha!

    Thanks again and Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. Sorry for the sensual descriptions of why I like cotton on so early a Monday morning. But Richard/JT inspires me. Ha!

    • @Gratiana, I do thank you for the cotton theme! Was having temporary idea block.
      A big problem is ruthless editing – and too many images. (I think I have it better under control for a Hallowe’en week submission. I think). Re cotton: It is unseasonably warm across Ontario. We were all in cotton shirts for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday…
      Anything that shows that Greek/Roman column of a neck is tops with me! Well, the neck is an erogenous zone…
      Thank you for your comments, all.

  6. What a wonderful fluffy start off for Monday Fitzg! So sweet how you write & lay your thoughts out! I’m fond of anything striped! So Harry already had me at that 🙂 that scene of Monet with his shirt running out to the cliff to greet the sun and then shout his exultation at it is to die for … sadly the shout got edited out (at 1:08)

    Judiang loved the link included for the iFrame! Worked like a charm for reading on my iPod Touch!

  7. @iz4blue/Fanny – thank you for your comments and for including that clip from the Impressionists! What a lovely scene: liberation from the constrictions of the Studio – plein air painting! And RA looks marvellous in a stripey sweater (wool or acrylic). He looks wonderful in anything (yes, judiang, beard included 😀 ) Or nothing…(BTS). And never like a male model, thank goodness.

  8. @judiang, the fixes are now working for me too, where firefox didn’t, and chrome only initially. Now working on better formatting Word to convert to the Viewer rolling screen. Next goal: would screen-capping be a bridge too far? As soon as I unscramble the TV/DVD remotes – might have pushed the wrong button, and mucked up all three remotes. Actually, I think the cats come out and party overnight and, in concert with Typhoid Mary, wreck everything digital. I can’t accept this is ALL me!

  9. I must be very stupid. What is this frame thing all about? I just don’t understand why it’s suddenly appeared – it makes the viewing area really narrow on my monitor (24 inch). I had to click on the “please click here” to try to open up to a larger/more comfortable viewing space. And it splits up into these small pages which in turn makes the post very long ..and narrow

    What’s it all about (Al-al-fee)? Couldn’t resist another song title!

    • Kathryn, I had to use iFrame because the Google Doc Embedder I previously used suddenly broke last week. This is a different viewer inside the post, but the link opens to the same place (Google Docs) as before so that hasn’t changed. The only problem I’ve heard of about a narrow viewing area is if you need to widen or maximize your browser window.

      The others suggested using a different browser, so hopefully that will work.

  10. Have had the same problem, Kathryn. Have somehow worked around it, by pushing other buttons. I think pressing comments worked to expand. In any case, judi’s fixes are now working with me. Only, we’re all working with different ISPs and different um-apps? Where’s my notebook…! (if the steps aren’t immediately written down, I’m lost. Ergo, TV/DVD remotes. And cats. I want my dogs back! But I’m pretty sure that going to comments did it for me.
    judiang, I’m thinking screen caps from my DVDs, but will take this offline with you to discuss.

  11. Oh, I know. Wish you ladies had seen the British show “Fawlty Towers” way back when – in your minds, you would be able to hear the magnificent Prunella Scales (Mrs. Fawlty) say “Oh, I know” in her inimitable style.

    I like to write instructions on paper, too. As soon as I’ve performed the function once or twice, I’ll remember it for life but at the start……

    Ah ha..so my problem may be with Firefox, then? Should I start using IE or something?

  12. Love Fawlty Towers! Give Google Chrome a try first, Kathryn. It downloads in seconds. It has’t always worked for me, but I’ll try anything now. Desparation. Sometimes desparation even fixes the remote…(so take that, cats! in your pockets and smoke it – hmnn, better check that they don’t have a gro-op in a cupboard)

  13. Thank you – will give it a go (ooops…Australianism for “give it a try”, “give it a shot”?????)..

    Talking of Australianisms…I was just watching a YouTube interview with our Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Someone thought it was cute that he said “no worries” after someone else had thanked him.

    I will use the Americanism “you’re welcome” only in response to “thank you” from my darling half-American, half-Australian grandbabies.

    Everyone else gets “no worries” or “that’s OK”!

  14. My son says “no worries”! I think it has migrated to Canada. 🙂 My war bride mother considered “you’re welcome” as gauche (oh dear), and we were taught to say “not at all”. Go figure…

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