Fantasy Poll! There’s Some One in the Neighborhood. Who You Gonna Call?

Because Winston has been giving me particular grief this week, a friend called to amuse me with a scenario: Richard Armitage’s secretary calls saying he needs me to come to Wellington immediately.  (I must have passed all the psych and background checks. Amazing.)  Supposedly a good position worth my while awaits.  But then David Tennant’s secretary calls saying I need to come to London ASAP, offering a similar position.  What would I do?

First I thought RA might need me more since he clearly needs a grassroots PR person to whip his image/exposure into shape and get his brand out there.   But DT wouldn’t need such grooming, already having his act together, so I could assist in refining his brand.  I’d get in on the beginning of RA’s rise to stardom; I’d be joining an already rising star with DT.

If I worked for RA, I’d get to work closely with him.  But if he’s as shy and intense as he appears to be and can’t/won’t grow past it, I’d want to strangle him after awhile.  DT seems to be more socially sophisticated but there’s some indication of control seeking that would make me want to strangle him too.  Both of these guys are a different generation; with whom would I be able to better communicate?

But if all things were equal, I’d have to mull over which would be the best deal.  It’s heading to winter in London but spring and summer in beautiful Wellington.  I’ve been to England many times but never to New Zealand.  If I were stationed in London, I could take side trips all over Europe.  If I were in Wellington, I could explore Australia and Far Asia.  Then there’s the question of how would I travel, who pays what, where would I live, etc.

In the end, I couldn’t decide.  Guess it’s time for a poll!  What would you advise?  Just don’t check RA because that’s who you would choose.  If you’ve been following my blog Dear Reader, put yourself in my place.  That should be fun.

The poll closes November 2nd.  Have some fun with this.


DT and RA

DT wonders of his assistant has arrived. RA wonders if she's the one with the shaver.




73 thoughts on “Fantasy Poll! There’s Some One in the Neighborhood. Who You Gonna Call?

  1. “Those meds must be pretty strong” made me snort with laughter.

    Very difficult question, actually. I’d go with RA, clearly, because I think we’d get along better. DT would probably be too charming, and while I’m not saying RA wouldn’t be charming, I don’t think he would be a charmER in the same way as I can imagine DT being. And charmers are far too alluring.

    I’d say pit the secretaries against each other and see which one gives you the better deal. Working close to either bloke would of course be a good deal regardless, but we’re talking proper work here, and for that, you need to know what it actually entails, what the perks are and what the pay is. Looking after either Mr. Handsome is just a humongous bonus. 😉

    • DT is quite charming, isn’t he? Hadn’t thought about that considering he’s engaged an all.  😉

      Pitting the secretaries sounds good; maybe they can get me enough to buy a flat in Kensington. 😀

  2. What a difficult question to answer for you. I did not vote what I would have chosen (after checking, if that was not a complete dream and effort to lead me into unacceptable working conditions), but really did choose what I think would be best to do in such a situation. My choice quite definitely would be to work for only one of the mentioned persons ;o), the other one being completely out of the question for me, as I for some reason unknown to me can’t stand the other, not even for mere minutes on screen.

      • Just lost my first comment here.

        I was laughing so hard that I did not copy my first message before posting, as I now normally do.

        But the idea alone ;o))) not beeing able to abide RA ;o)))

        I cherish every second of him on screen and even watched Strike Back 2.1. only because of him in it. Snifff….

        ;o) You just want to provoke me to defend RA ;o) I very much see your method ;o)))) (Besides, it worked ;o)

        In my original comment, I just wanted to be a tiny little bit polite and not mention the other one I cannot stand. Here we only agree 50% ;o) Sorry, or not really, I am 100% RA, no other guy anywhere near his pedestal ;o)

  3. BIG decision! How soon do they give you to respond?? (Immediately, of course, that’s the way the business works, so you’d better think fast.)

    Pros DT:

    Does not come with beard

    Delightful personality

    You admire his acting

    Perks – Europe in winter: pop over to Vienna for Christmas; back for Hogmany in Scotland; fly to Prague for January long weekend…

    DT is his own PR machine; work duties light, lots of time to enjoy London and free theatre tickets

    Could bring Patty in carrier under seat (quarantine regs vvastly relaxed)

    Cons DT

    Comes with Daleks – can you cope with them?

    Already has well-oiled machine, not enough challenge to shaping image

    Probably have to cope with overprotective entourage turf wars

    DT might be a wee bit egotistic

    Pros RA

    Beards aren’t permanent features

    You have more experience and imagination than his entourage; you can quickly establish your creds

    You get to live with THE Voice every working day

    Other perks – pop over to Papeaate; visit Sydney; flying visit to PNG, plus there is beautiful NZ to explore

    Also, plenty of coffee daily, fish’n’chips,chocolate donuts; occasional champagne and vodka

    How often does an offer present to go Down Under? You can go to Europe any time

    Cons RA 


    Charm no problem, stubbornness probably (but you can reason with him)

    You want to promote his shining personal qualities, beware creating a monster

    I know what I’d decide – never been to the Antipodes or the South Pacific. Besides, RA likes to read…

    Good luck, Judiang!







    • It’s a very hard check list.  I do get to bring Patty to London, to that’s a definite biggy.  But the daleks?  Oh dear.  Going Down Under is so appealing isn’t it?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  😉


    • Hello secretaries. Don’t look at the blog (especially you DT’s secretary).  I’m still mulling things.  I don’t know.  Living in London is sooo expensive.  NZ is soooo far away from friends and family…  😉

  4. I chose go with DT because he is still a temptation for you so you need to get that out of your system. Then after you get experience in DT’s camp refining things, send your CV over to RA’s camp showing what a fabulous job you did with DT and now you’d like to do the same for RA. 🙂

    • Like I said, I like the way you think.  So take one camp, then jump over to the other?  That’s like killing two birds with one stone.  But what if RA is offended I turned him down and won’t look at the CV?  😉

      • I guess if you were upfront with RA and said that you would love to work with him but you feel that you could better serve him after receiving some additional experience and that you would love to work with him in X number of months. I suppose some sort of gift/ bribe or something would be in order for the secretary to keep him/her from having a negative opinion along with letting RA know how you would be more than happy to help him with shaving duties when you do work with him. 🙂

  5. Hi Judiang,

    I know that you’re a DT lover and that you’re not fond of Richard’s beard.  But must you really have to choose between them? Have you not heard of Skype?   I say take on both of them.  Life is short, live a little.

    Fly to Wellington to be with RA–since you’ve already seen DT in the flesh last Summer–and Skype DT.  I know that RA’s beard is a sticking point for you.  But just think of your triumph if you’re able to convince him to shave it off when he’s done with The Hobbit filming.

    Though I’m a beard convert, so RA can keep his beard–yes please.  Remember, there is an exfoliation benefit to kissing a man with a beard–even if he just has manly stubble.  So don’t neglect your skin care regimen when considering your men.  Ha!

    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

    P.S.  I would be happy to fly to Wellington–that is, if I wasn’t afraid of flying, ha!–to be part of your advance RA PR team.   Ha!


    • Nope, the secretaries say I must be present in person.  Life is rough.

      I’m sensing a certain bias in your comment about beards and a need to see NZ.  Woulda thunk it?  😉


  6. Mr. Armitage is offering you carte blanche to style his facial hair as you will.

  7. Mr. Tennant says that he needs you in part to get his entourage under control. Youll be completely in charge.

  8. Heh heh – you are silly. I liked this post. And voted for more meds. 😉

    Remember if you go with DT, there’s a baby and a father-in-not-law to consider. For me, the baby is a drawback, however the f-i-n-l is a definite plus. 😉

    • OMG, I forgot about the FiL.  He does tend to run off at the mouth.  I’d have to manage him too.  Hmm.  I’m assuming the baby stays with the nanny or mommy; I’m not changing diapers.  Oh dear, this is starting to sound like Family Affair.  Definitely  two marks against DT.   😉

      NZ is looking better and better.  😀

      Don’t think this post can get any sillier.  Glad you’re enjoying it.

      BTW, your vote just outpaced DT in the poll.  Some fan you are!  😀

  9. Mr. Tennant is offering to divorce his father-in-not-law if only you’ll come to work for him.

  10. Mr. Armitage will offer you three all expense paid first class plane tickets home with 2 weeks vacation each time for the entire period of his New Zealand sojourn.

  11. Mr. Tennant offers to accelerate global warming so that it will be spring while you are in England, and to give you a free seat in the dress circle of all of his plays for the entire time you work for him.

    • Ah ha! So YOU’RE the reason for Global Warming! All right, Climate Scientists, we’ve got the culprit right here! Let’s get her!

      *chases DT’s secretary around with a carton of carbon credits*

  12. Mr. Armitage vows to enter therapy to tame his shyness and intensity in everyday encounters to socially acceptable levels if you will just come to New Zealand to work for him.

  13. I would say RA, that voice would make up for all the shyness and the lack of charm …(although i dont agree, RA is charming too… just not the same charm as DT’s) and then the shaving duties and just even getting to shake those hands and look into those lovely eyes … heck! DT doesnt stand a chance with what RA can ‘offer’…:)

    And then there is NZ, and being close to a star cast such Hobbit’s and PJ… the list goes on…

    sorry, DT 😐


  14. Mr. Tennant says to say to you: “Come live with me and be my love / And we will all the pleasures prove!”

  15. Mr. Armitage says to say to you, “When as in silks my Judi goes … Oh, how that glittering taketh me!”

      • Mr. Armitage is up on all the most obscure romantic poets. He’s willing to recite a poem to you every day if that is what you desire.

        • Oh squee, wait– fine but Show Me — ohh, how about a percentage?  😉

          *quickly reads Negotiator 101 chapter dealing with good looking charmers*

          Damnit, they didn’t teach this in law school. 😉

  16. Heehee, DT’s Secretary, word of warning: do not take on an attorney. Or Patty.

    Utterly silly post. So what are we doing here? Hint: Laughing our silly heads off! (RA presumably has a sense of humour, too).

    • Who knew this throw away post would generate almost 60 comments?  Seems we really are in need of silliness during this drought.  🙂

  17. Hmmm…do Mr. Armitage’s Secretary, Mr. Tennant’s secretary and servetus all work for the same agency?  They all have the same profile picture…hmm…inquiring minds want to know!

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