Fantasy Poll Results – Who You Gonna Call?

The poll results are in.  I asked you to have fun with it, and 72 comments later you certainly did, so much so it gave Servetus nightmares.  In a landslide victory, heavyweight Richard Armitage beat poor David Tennant.  Interestingly, three people think my meds are too strong; one considered it all a trap, maybe for the men with the white jacket; three were terribly objective; four like blood and gore; two had caveats; and nobody thought it was a draw.  I suspect the rest of you were simply biased.  I’m shocked, I tell you.

So tell me, if you were offered the dream fantasy job to be RA’s assistant, for what reason would you NOT go?



15 thoughts on “Fantasy Poll Results – Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Hi Judi,

    I didn’t vote because I was a bit surprised that you wrote that, if Richard couldn’t or wouldn’t do something about his shyness, he would drive you nuts. At the time,  I felt that was a little harsh as I know what it’s like to be very shy and I really don’t think therapy would help me much…for shyness…other things?  Probably!!

    Of course, now that I’ve had a chance to calm down a bit, I realize you were just having a go at him in a fun way! So…I’m sorry…even if you didn’t know that I was feeling protective of Richard once again.  When will I ever learn, I hear you saying?  The answer is ….I’m obviously a very slow learner when it comes to someone I admire!!!

    I loved all the options you gave but still have absolutely no idea (apart from no.1) how I would have voted….maybe the strong meds?   Now I’m joking, of course.




  2. Hi Judiang,

    Was there any doubt that Richard Armitage would win the poll hands down?  Ha!  Actually, for your sake, I hedged a bit–saying you could skype your other crush David Tennant while working for Richard.  It would be the best of both worlds for you.  For me?  RA all the way honey.

    And as to your meds?  No opinion there.  You’re fun and frothy–especially on Foolish Fridays–and  you’re a good person who mentors others, e.g.  your various feature articles.  So I say, rock on meds wise as you and your doctor see fit, girlfriend.

    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

    • Aww, thanks so much for cutting poor DT some slack.  I surprised he received any votes at all on my behalf.  LOL!

      Thanks for the kind words.  I really appreciate them. 🙂

  3. The husband and kids.  If they weren’t in the picture it would be my general uselessness as an assistant; he’d be in Antarctica instead of New Zealand if I’d had anything to do with his travel plans.

  4. Reasons not to accept assistant position? He’s a gypsy workaholic, who sometimes forgets to eat. He runs faster than me, and he runs all the time. He probably learns his lines by loudly reciting. Continually. We tire of that choccy voice at high velocity.  He’s a perfectionist: he’d constantly be sticking his nose into my professional assistant work, constantly checking whether I remembered to pick out all the blue M&Ms, and reserve a bigger trailer. Bigger than that provided on the Dwarf set…

    And I can’t think of a single reason to turn down the job.

  5. If the compensation wasn’t high enough. I think the man is nice to look at, but momma still has food and clothes to buy (esp the clothes if I’m working with/for him) and bills to pay. A second reason would be if I couldn’t bring my cat (maybe I’m the one who needs meds or should be with the men in white coats if I’m putting my feline ahead of RA). A third reason would be the refusal on his part to dress like Guy at least once a week.

    I hadn’t seen Servetus’ post before so I’m glad you linked to it. Feel free to bring RA to me any time I’m in the shower, I do need help getting my back clean. 😉

    • Jael, those are pretty sound reasons.  I’d have to think twice if I couldn’t bring my pom.  And the pay would have to be right of course.  But I hadn’t considered the dressing up as Guy option.  Definitely would have put that on my list of demands.  😀

  6. Additional modest demands:

    Keep the beard;

    oh all right – stubble will do;

    Give me the blue M’n’Ms;

    Provide a candlelight dinner for two every Friday (me and you)

    Teach me Russian;

    Don’t bring me any “notes”. Unless they are romantic. And preceded by “An Ode to Your Eyes”, mine, not yours;

    Flowers are acceptable, as long as they are irises;

    Apartf rom all that, just get on with your day job, and stay out of my hair while I’m doing mine.


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