FanstRAvaganza 2 Is Coming!

The British are coming! The British are coming!  Wait – well, one Brit is coming to a certain blog ring near you.  Yes, it’s the second annual Richard Armitage fan fest taking place March 14-21, 2011.  To my surprise and panic, I’ve been cordially invited to participate. I’ve got a banner to prove it!  While I flail around wondering how to talk about such a lovely and talented man for eight straight days, old faces and new faces are slaving behind the scenes to make this year bigger and better.  Taking part are:


And me!

So, mark your calendars and stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “FanstRAvaganza 2 Is Coming!

  1. If the British Army had looked like Richard Armitage, the American Revolution never would have had a chance :)Glad you’re aboard.

  2. Hee, but “you lot” had the Marquis de Lafayette batting for you. Not Richard Armitage, but not a bad-looking garcon, either! 🙂

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