FanstRAvaganza 2.8: Never Can Say Goodbye

This is it, the last day of FanstRAvaganza 2. It’s been a madcap week talking All Guy All The Time. Things kicked off with an introduction dedicated to our black knight with two polls; ruminations over how I hate to love him; a feminist take on the show; a wonderful interview with Ann Marie; some sexy musings; a conversion for the uninitiated; and ended with a lovely ficlet written by Ann Marie. Arcing the entire week was Mulubinba’s challenge to convince her that Guy was worthy of all the attention.

Well, let’s deal with the polls first.

The first poll asked: Which series Guy character development did you like best?

S2 – Aww, poor baby just needed love. – 66.13% (41 votes)

S3 – He’s redeemed and triumphed over evil. – 27.42% (17 votes)

S1 – He’s rotten to the core. I love an interesting bad boy. – 6.45 (4 votes)


The second poll asked: Guy changed his image each series. Which one do you prefer?

S2 – Growing the hair and losing the cravat was much better – 67.8% (40 votes)

S3 – Greasy locks, flowing mane, fancy leather. Glamor Guy wins. – 20.34% (20 votes)

S1 – Basic bad guy black all the way. I love the mullet and cravat – 11.86% (7 votes)


The winner is S2 Guy all way. I can extrapolate from that the first question you all simply want to mother S2 Guy…or, erm, something. As for second question, Avalon polled a similar one last year and 64% voted for the S2 Guy image, garnering a 3% increase. Maybe we need to commission a study?

Mulubinba’s challenge was inspiring and I hit the keyboard with dogged determination. Would I be able to reach her? The week ended with Mulubina conceding she was wavering on the issue and might need take a new look at the black knight. Considering her earlier sentiments, I am thrilled to hear this and hope she completes her “Looking for Good in Guy” series. As an added bonus, CDoart announced she was completely persuaded and is now a Guy Girl. I call this a success. My work here is done.

I want to thank the FanstRAvaganza organizers Nat and Traxy for getting things rolling; She Too Shy To Be Named for the beautiful banners (really love the one above, want to kiss it, pet it and call it Ritchie); the other participating bloggers for showing me how it’s done and giving me the confidence to do this; and Servetus for kindly inviting me into this madness. Thank you, Dear Reader, for the lively and encouraging comments. It’s been a blast. Last, but not least, I thank Richard Armitage, whose talents we celebrate.

At the top of the week, I mentioned including a slideshow by our Angieklong. However WordPress wouldn’t play nice so that was scrapped. However she created a fun video I’m sure you’ll all like. So I’ll leave you now with the sexy black knight.

[ETA:  Be sure to catch up on the other participating blogs.  The index is hereRAFrenzy had logistical problems but will continue her celebration this week.  Don’t miss it!]


10 thoughts on “FanstRAvaganza 2.8: Never Can Say Goodbye

  1. Thank you for being so patient with me Judiang. I’ve enjoyed your posts very much :).Actually my good intentions to relook at Guy were placed on the back burner today thanks to The Hobbit production starting. This has taken up a little bit more time than I care to admit today.S2 Guy won? That’s ineteresting. He must improve after Episode 6 – I humbly confess that I didn’t get past that episode even though I loved Mathilda the healer. She was my all time favourite character in Robin Hood. 🙂 (…. loved the way she called Guy names ….lol!).Thanks again for being such a good sport …. and I love your blog!

    • *You* were the good sport. Seriously, your challenge lent me the theme needed to carry on for eight straight days. Whew!The furor will die down as they get into the thick of filming. How long is the shoot? I want PICTURES stat!Thanks for the compliments. Glad you enjoy it. Hmm, I should be postrate in exhaustion, but I feel a FanstRAvaganza post-mortem coming on…

  2. OH, let’s have a FanstRAv PM! Get your thinking cap on, Judi, and the fledgling forensic anthropologists will have fun further analysing and scrutinising this class actor! (Poor man; forever under the microscope. All in a very good cause, the appreciation and promation of one R.C. Armitage).

    • Wow, you’re insatiable. Good thing Frenzy is still going at it. Say, you can should get Traxy back in it. She did say she had leftover stuff… 😉

      • But I’m too squeamish when it comes to dissections! LOL!

        My favourite Guy is S3. Will have to check that video out when I’m at home. *makes mental note* Congrats on turning CDoart and on completing your first FanstRAvaganza! It’s been a hoot reading your posts (and everyone else’s too, of course) and I hope there will be many more great posts to come! Regardless of if it’s about Guy, RA or anything else. 🙂

        (Mmm, leftovers …)

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