I lie suddenly in my current bed in my current home. The lamp to my right partially lights the room; it’s late at night. There’s a book in my lap. I glance casually to the figure beside me.

His long, dark, gray-streaked locks fall across his shoulder. Long fingers scratch idly at the matching beard. There’s a glint of humor in the down cast eyes; a corner of his mouth quirks. My eyes wander from his eyes, down the long nose, across the smiling lips and finally over the broad, bare chest. A mat of dark hair trails over hard muscle and out of view. Propped on his right elbow, he shifts a bit.

He glances up at me, blue eyes questioning.

I motion at the lamp. “Do you have enough light?”

Thorin glances back at his book. “I’m fine.”

This is what my Catholic upbringing has done to me. Sigh.

12 thoughts on “Dreamlet

  1. What’s with the sighing? It was lovely and you’re writing, hurray for that! I for one wouldn’t kick a reading Thorin out of my bed. 😉 I hope your time away continues to provide you with more inspiration.

      • Okay, so it would be better if a Thorin dream involved something a little more RAcy than reading. However, having written out my own dreams on occasion, I know it can be a pain in the butt. So I’m still cheering for the fact that you are writing!

  2. Just relax and enjoy the spectacle that is offered to you. Are his blue eyes as magnificent as they seem to be? What a wonderful real dream!

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  4. Well, it could have been worse. Your Catholic upbringing at least let you read your books in bed together. You could have been in a library, or a Starbucks. I liked your micro story.

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