4 thoughts on “Creativity! RA Drawing 3

  1. That has really progressed! You have the eyes and the mouth! The forehead and brow, too. Could the nose tip be a tad longer, with the nostrils less pronounced, do you think? Just a thought.

    When I get stuck on a drawing from life or memory, I admit to reverting to photos. But it takes time to put the proportions together and many tries. The eyes and mouth look absolutely right, and so does the face shape. (btw, I have no real art training, just have always sketched, and sometimes it works. I think. Sometimes)
    Add stubble – just joking! 😀

    • I’m shaking off the rust slowly but surely. Yeah, the nose isn’t right, but I need a finer eraser, keep messing up the good stuff. Yes, it is based on a publicity shot but the pic is smiling more. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  2. The eyes and hairline are very good! He is instantly recognizable. I am sure RA is probably a very difficult subject to draw, but also a labour of love! I am very impressed!

    • I’m happier with this one because of the eyes and proportions. He is very difficult to draw but I’m learning more about him with each sketch. Glad you liked it!

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