Creativity! Color Drawings 4

My new-found creativity is costing me money.  I was using graphite pencils drawing a certain actor when I had the urge to see him in color.

Back I headed to the arts supply store for color pencils and a few how-to books.  These books were a rude awakening.  A color pencil was not the same as a regular graphite pencil but with color.  Using them is an art in itself; that’s why the medium is called color painting and not color drawing.   Oh my.

The books also informed me I needed a lot more supplies before I could start: harder finishing pencils; acetate under my arm to prevent smudging; a color blender; the right paper; masking product; proper tape; fixative, an electric sharpener. I needed the right pencils to use just the right amount pressure on transfer paper to get my image from a sketch to the work paper.  I needed to study techniques like burnishing, underpainting and color blending.  I needed to practice, practice, practice light, medium and heavy shading because – wait for it – color pencil can’t really be erased.  Oh.  But, the books reassured, don’t be nervous, just jump in and have fun.

After my hand stopped shaking, I jumped in.  The first painting, a weirdly shaped apple, resembled something out of a Salvadore Dali work.  Not good.  The second was a scratchy looking unappetizing pear.  Hmm.  The third and fourth were more tries with a more normal looking apple and red bell peppers.   That certain actor won’t be a color painting until I stop sweating blood over vegetables and fruit, alas.

If you can’t see flash, the links are here and here.

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19 thoughts on “Creativity! Color Drawings 4

  1. Nice vibrant reds! Thanks for sharing your process. It’s a promising start and you’re making light reflections and shadows already!

    The materials sound expensive but I wonder how much it would cost to have Richard Armitage pose?

    • Oh Bccmee!! Those last three or four words of yours conjure up such ideas!! 😉

      I think your apple and peppers are great, judiang! Wish I could be that talented. Keep it up. I know we’ll see more great thinks from you!

      • Thanks! Now she’s got a scene in my head: I’m in life class and in walks the male model. He takes off his hooded robe to reveal himself as — and then I wake up. 😉

  2. The peppers are delicious – full of subtle vibrancy! This is lovely, following the process and results.
    If you pay the REAL RA to model, make certain it’s a life class…

    • Thanks. You all are terrible. If RA walked into a life class I couldn’t draw him because my hand would be shaking too hard. It would have to be Stick Figure Richard. 😉

  3. Please continue, Judiang! I am looking forward to your further studies. As Bccmee already pointed out, you already do light and shadow work, really elaborate and realistic(ally ?) looking. ;o)
    What an idea bccmee created, though I don’t think he would or would sit still for the time it needs to get a picture done ;o)

    • Thanks for the encourage. It’s interesting I’m wandering into drawing when I’m supposed to be writing. Hmm.

      All this teasing is making me want to look up life drawing classes. Need the foundation anyway and who know, maybe I’ll get a cute male model. 😀

      Don’t worry about the double posting; I took care of it.

    • I’m waiting for the writing to burst forth on the other end…hmm, let me rephrase that. 😀 Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Hi Judiang!
    I love your apple!  It looks delicious.  And the sheen you put on it–as if it were catching the light–is amazing.  Keep up  the good work.
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

    P.S.  My reply to your life drawing class comment above, but the window wouldn’t let me comment (error message): 

    And whom might that nude model be, dear Judiang?  
    Hmmm.  Me thinks I have an inkling.  Ha! 
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  5. Great job with the fruit! You’ll be sketching RA in color in no time. This is one of the great things about fandom, the artistic creativity it brings out. 🙂

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