Computer Angst Redux

Young female person called and left a message this morning saying HP was ready for pickup but oh, it had a raging fever and bad congestion (overheating and fan problems) and it should go the The Service Center.  I hesitate to call this girl a geek, because based on the chat that later transpired, if  she was actually a tech, I feared for any computer she touched.  Apparently, yes the HD had  been backed up; no, it was still crashing; no she didn’t know if it was a virus or the HD; and no it hadn’t been fixed.  I tersely agreed for HP to The Service Center (or more like Purgatory) which leaves me without a desktop for two more weeks.  I could buy a new one if it wasn’t only three years old.  Grrrr.

Meanwhile, I’m determined to resume blogging on the iPad once I return home, albeit a bit slowly and sans media (at least until I can figure that angle out).  Hmm, my friend’s computer seems to be having video problems.   Uh oh, wasn’t me!

5 thoughts on “Computer Angst Redux

  1. Hold out, your HP will come back. I very much feel with you as the last three weeks every electric thing I touched gave up, 2 computers and even my fax machine which I normally try to touch as few times as possible and my mobile phone. Needless to say that I as result even tried to stay away from my oven not to make him angry as well ;o) But now I am over the worst and the first thing I did was baking bread to celebrate the return of my two healthy computers.

    • Yikes! That’s what I call some seriously bad electronic mojo. Glad hear your computers are now healthy. You did promise them something shiney, like a new printer, right? 😉

      • They both got a total reorganisation of my working area and a new place to stand. Needless to say that they now have a very prominent and shiny place now. I see, you understand the ways how computers ‘think’ ;o)

  2. I wondered if her PC was having video card issues… Maybe it just needs to be reseated? (It did get moved recently with the remuddling.)

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