Christchurch Addendum

Just learned via carrier pigeon about RA’s surprise message this morning. Access is slow here but I’m sure it’s being discussed at length on other blogs. It was lovely of him to acknowledge us. Although our aim was to help the people of Christchurch, I’m sure he’s proud of us indeed.

This is a good time to pause and take pride in our community. I’m impressed with the speed, time, and generosity this community showed in banding together for this worthy cause. Congrats to all who contributed. Congrats to RAFrenz and company who kept the Twitter feeds flying. Congrats to Calexora for the cello challenge. Lastly, congrats to Servetus, who initiated the informal fan challenge and without whom we wouldn’t have known about the telethon in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Christchurch Addendum

  1. It was the chocolate icing, though neither really expected, nor demanded. Just lovely manners, a nice appreciation of any efforts to contribute, whether in his honour or whatever, and a graceful way of expressing, while not taking credit on himself, the influence of a supporter community.

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