Checking In or Hailing from the Deep End

I’m still alive Dear Reader.  Like a victim with a hypthermia, I’ve been marshaling all my mental energy dealing with a serious Real Life problem.  It’s not how I pictured my transition, but there’s not much I can do about it right now. In a few months, there might be a bit of breathing room to accommodate other activities like blogging.  A friend is coming to for some face time and powwows on how to wedge a tad more social interaction into the mix.  This has always been the bane of my disorder; I critically need to engage with people, but it’s the first thing that falls by the wayside.  Damnit.

My inner trio (Jada, Jodi and Quiet One) have decided to institute Plan B to get me going as well: Christmas.  Yes, I’ve broken down and not waited for November 11th, Trinalin.  Sorry.  The holiday is playing on my iPhone.  I’m seriously contemplating breaking out the Christmas blog banners.  An elf has to do what an elf has to do.  (Halloween has always been so unnecessary).

Also, my blog comments have decided to take a walkabout in my absence.  I have no idea what’s going on now, but I’ll fix the problem this weekend. 



7 thoughts on “Checking In or Hailing from the Deep End

  1. Waited for your return and don’t mind any Christmas banners now. Christmas cookies are all over the shops already, so why not some early happy feeling good banners ;o)
    Till soon!

  2. Glad to see you’ve posted! I hope you and Elsa have a fab weekend this weekend! (Hope she enjoys the train!)

    I completely understand your desire to head for the Xmas toons. I am so ready to break them out myself, but I am going to try to wait until Vet’s day. We’ll see if I can last that long!

  3. 😀
    Just focus on the priorities; fans of Confessions will continue to check in! (Nothing is more wonderful than train travel, trinalin – want to do the Trans-Siberian some day? 🙂 Probably need to bring lots of books or e-readers!)

  4. Hi Judiang!
    It’s lovely to hear from you. I was giddy when I saw the notification in my in box. And let me tell you, “giddy” at my age, is worth a laugh in and of itself.

    Please stroke Patty for me and Melissa. MTM has also been on hiatus. For some reason, I can’t convince her that The Hobbit Trailer 2 ending–the Dwarfs getting squashed by a dead Orc (at least I think it’s an Orc)–isn’t a metaphor for smallness kind. I think I need to take her copy of “The borrowers” away from her. Ha!

    And take heart. Your starting your Christmas groove now is still two months after retailers started it in August. You have held out this long–making your point about not mixing the seasons–so now just have fun running with it. I would be playing my iTunes mix of XMAS songs in my office soon, were it not for our IT guy not being able to “transfer” my library over when they upgraded my computer. Funny that, he always manages to “lose” the one computer feature at the time that I want rolled over to the new computer every five years when they upgrade me. Ah life is full of trials. Ha!

    And then there is the eye thing. Just call me Pirate Grati. Love and Hugs!

    • P.S. In my attempt above at being breezy–rather than merely being long winded (or full of hot air)–I intended to also add that I hope that your RL problem you mentioned can be resolved or managed to your satisfaction. You have more perseverance and determination than anyone I know. And, you have a posse of gal pals who will cheer you on. So go kick some tush! Or if that fails, ogle some peaches. Ha! Love you!

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