Surreal Saturday: Sweating to the Surreal

I’m in a hurry again and feeling challenged to find something surreal for today.  Frankly I thought RichardsBeard tweeting me was surreal enough, but maybe that’s just me.  Aha, I found something really… interesting.  Well, maybe that’s too positive a word.  It’s a … fitness video.  I think.  Says the blurb:

“Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl” (often referred to as Doggy Fitness or Poodle Fitness) is a short film by renowned art director and commercial film director Nagi Noda who has created spots for Nike and Coca Cola and starring Takahashi Mariko, a Japanese 2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships gymnast and jazz musician.. The film was created for Panasonic’s Ten Short Movies — Capture the Motion series for the 2004 Summer Olympics. The film is a typical work out video except for the fact that the video’s instructor is dressed in a body suit giving her the appearance of having muscles shaped like the fur of a groomed poodle dog. Also, exercising with her in the video are six actors dressed in dog costumes with actual live dogs’ heads superimposed over their real heads. Nagi Noda, in her artist’s statement, explained that she arrived at the poodle concept after noticing that the dogs’ hair cuts resembled muscles. She believed that this concept would help her video appeal to people of all ages.”

Ohhhh!  It’s meant to be surreal for it’s own sake.   Perfectly understandable now.

Take a look.

No Title

Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl” (often referred to as Doggy Fitness or Poodle Fitness) is a short film by renowned art director and commercial film director Nagi Noda who has created spots for Nike and Coca Cola and starring Takahashi Mariko, a Japanese 2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships gymnast and jazz musician..



Surreal Saturday: Endless Battle!

…As if the blog hasn’t been surreal enough this week.   Our wonderful Fitzg counseled me to keep writing, and I did.  Hence, the unprecedented burst of creativity.  The only problem is topping that, but no worries.  I envision another tour walking by and maybe… maybe… we might check in on The Man.  It was sad to see him that way.  I felt sorry for him myself by the time the story ended.  Is that what writers mean when they speak of characters taking on a life of their own?  Who knew?

To kickstart Surreal Saturday again, I’ve pondered all day what to do.  It’s pretty hard to top Killer Barbie but I’m still searching.   So I decided to returned to my old standby – DeStorm.   It looks like he’s coming up in the world and is producing slicker videos.  The following caught my eye.


Endless Battle!

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Surreal Saturday: Not Even Your Barbie [NSFW or the Kiddies]

Blame Didion.  She started this on her website.   I’ve been searching high and low for something truly surreal, and she gets it in one.  Just *had* to Google this.  It turns out to be inspired by artist Mariel Clayton.  When she photographs Barbie and family, she envisions something a bit…er… different.  (Click all the links in all the articles to see the catalog. Some aren’t even gory or kinky.)

This is so macabre and delightfully twisted, I just had to share.  I’m having a great time dreaming up theories for the evil deeds.

"Play nice with daddy!"


"Evian, not Perrier, mommy!"

Thanks Didion.





Surreal Saturday – Chess!

Still having a heard time finding the surreal on YouTube.  I suspect I don’t know the right channels…  Anyway,  I went back to DeStorm, my go-to man for videos.  But what should I find but a rap that explains chess.  Enjoy.


figured I’d tell ya a story while teaching how to play chess. ENJOY! My vines: My Facebook: My Twitter:


Surreal Saturday – Project Preschool

While trolling YouTube still for something truly surreal, I came across a channel by Aren’t We Friends that does funny sendups.  Here is one take on Project Runway with Tim Gunn – Project Preschool.

Tim Gunn: Project Preschool

What if Tim Gunn from Project Runway brought his “unique critique” to a group of preschoolers? I know, you’ve been asking yourself that same question for years. Liam Sullivan as Tim Gunn thanks to all the wonderful kids! Great job!


Surreal Saturday – A New Kind of Harry Potter

I’m sure most you have seen all the Harry Potter Movies 1- 13, I mean seven.  Right?  Didn’t you ever wish the Scooby gang would just go badass?  Well then, this is the trailer for you.

New Harry Potter Trailer : Rated Awesome #5

Harry Potter and his friends have a problem. Voldemort is just too powerful. So they turn to a new ally to defeat the forces of evil. Check out the newest parody trailer from Rated Awesome, it’s called “Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollow Points”. More hilarious movie parodies will be released about every 2 weeks.

Surreal Saturday – 30 Words Rap

Well, it’s time to see what my man DeStorm is doing.  This time he has a challenge: write an entire song using only 30 words. Can he do it?


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Surreal Saturday – Circle of Life (Lion King)

I couldn’t get let too much time go by without checking out my man DeStorm.  A few weeks ago, I found this great cover of Circle of Life from the Lion King.  It’s not strictly a capella this time but I think you will enjoy it.

Circle Of Life (Lion King) – cover

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Surreal Saturday – Farting Elves 12 Day of Christmas

As you know dear reader, I like to keep this blog to a certain standard.  However when the holiday season rolls around, that high falutin’ stuff goes right out the window.  What better way to start Surreal Saturday today than with something utterly juvenile and tasteless.  There’s no better purveyor of trash than JibJab which prides itself on leaving no rock unturned.


No Title

No Description


Surreal Saturday – Ghostbusting Wall Street

While trolling YouTube for your enjoyment, I came across ADA which does animation battles.  Contestants submit their videos and they have face-offs.  Uploaded a few weeks ago was a funny current satire called Ghostbusting Wall Street.  It’s political but still ridiculous enough to be enjoyed by everybody.

Ghostbusting Wall Street!

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Surreal Saturday – Animation Band

I don’t know anything about this guy but since my man DeStorm, favorited it on YouTube. I took a look.  It was an interesting concept and cool enough to share with you.  Enjoy.

Animation Band – Joe Penna

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Surreal Saturday – Expialidocious

I’m going to ruin your childhood because that’s what I *do.*

I’ve become fascinated with auto-tune remixes and came across this one based on Disney’s Mary Poppins.  Since I never cared for Mary Poppins and like this version better, this rendition seems a good way to introduce auto tune remixes to those of you unfamiliar with it.



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Surreal Saturday – Moonlight Grenade

A few weeks ago I showcased Jason Yang performing a cover for the Game of Thrones theme.  This week he does a Moonlight Sonata you’ve never heard before along with beat boxer Jake Moulton.  Listen to the entire piece.  It’s different if not interesting.


Electric Violin and Beatbox: Moonlight Grenade Jason Yang and Jake Moulton team up again to fuse classical music with modern hits in this mashup of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” with a couple hints of Muse and Kanye West in between.


Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

Here is something surreal.  Because I love strings, I trolled YouTube and fell across this incredible performance by violin virtuoso David Garrett.  Garrett is an international German/American violinist who started as a four year old prodigy.  He’s the best looking musician I’ve ever seen and understandable a young heartthrob.  Garrett determined to set a new Guinness Book World Record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee, already a fast piece, in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an astonishing 13 notes per second.

This amazing exhibition starts at the 5.35 mark.

David Garrett breaks world record for fastest violin playing

David Garrett becomes the world’s fastest violinist by playing Flight of The Bumble Bee in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an amazing 13 notes per second. Filmed on BBC TVs Blue Peter programme. For more information about David, go to



Surreal Saturday – Game of Thrones

As you may know, I’m a fan of videos in which the artist sings/plays against himself.  A chatter in ArmitageWorld brought my attention to this amazing video by Jason Yang.  He uses an electronic violin to play all the parts for the theme of Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones Violin Cover An acoustic and electric violin cover of the main theme song from Game of Thrones. Arranged and performed by Jason Yang. Original song and soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi. ———- YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud:


Surreal Satuday: These Are Things I Can’t F**king Remember [NSFW]

Katie Goodman is a comedian who sings irreverent outrageous ditties. Most of her stuff is so risque, I hesitate to show anything but if you make sure the boss, the kids and the hubby aren’t around, you’re really identify with and enjoy this ode to the 40 year brain.  If you have difficulty hearing the lyrics, they are here.

These Are The Things I Can’t F*cking Remember – Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy

No Description