Another Year

Today is my birthday.  Nothing momentous; that was last year, capped off with a cruise in the Caribbean.  I don’t have any insights or revelations today.  There’s simply a sense of tranquility, something I’ve been sorely needing these past few weeks.  One of my buddies (the IT maven) arrived Wednesday and another is due today.  We’re taking things easy while my IT massages HP into health it hasn’t had since it left the factory nursery.

It’s amusing actually. I’m happy chirping at everybody “Today’s my birthday!” but don’t particularly care whether there’s a big dinner or a musical or Something Special to do as the younger me would have.  Just marking another year without much fuss is good enough.  Maturity is definitely a perk to getting older.

My IT is darkly muttering about buying flash drives for HP’s surgery so I need to head out.  Meanwhile take a look at the lovely shiney posted by  Enjoy!

“So, it’s your birthday, milady?” SQUEE! *THUD*

Computer Angst Redux

Young female person called and left a message this morning saying HP was ready for pickup but oh, it had a raging fever and bad congestion (overheating and fan problems) and it should go the The Service Center.  I hesitate to call this girl a geek, because based on the chat that later transpired, if  she was actually a tech, I feared for any computer she touched.  Apparently, yes the HD had  been backed up; no, it was still crashing; no she didn’t know if it was a virus or the HD; and no it hadn’t been fixed.  I tersely agreed for HP to The Service Center (or more like Purgatory) which leaves me without a desktop for two more weeks.  I could buy a new one if it wasn’t only three years old.  Grrrr.

Meanwhile, I’m determined to resume blogging on the iPad once I return home, albeit a bit slowly and sans media (at least until I can figure that angle out).  Hmm, my friend’s computer seems to be having video problems.   Uh oh, wasn’t me!

More Computer Angst

HP is still in the hospital. The young geek said it would probably need a brain transplant ( read: new hard drive). I blanched, forked over my credit card and was $300 poorer in the bat of an eye. That was Monday; surgery was to occur in 4-5 days. I’ve yet to hear a thing. Right now I’m out of town valiantly pecking on an iPad. It has no name (yet) but likes the letter “s”. It also likes it’s own punctuation much like RA’s wandering apostrophes.So by next Wednesday I hope to get the blog rolling again by fingering the person responsible for my fangrrl ways. Watch this space.

Geek Angst

All of RA’s characters and the man himself could be parading behind me wearing nothing but smiles and bows and I would say, “Meh. Can you fix my computer?”

You see, HP, my main squeeze desktop is very sick. I’ve had others in the past 20 years, but HP has been steady for awhile (accept for that video thing last year but it can sees well now). HP gives really good internet. Oh yeah, I gotta have it.Super Bowl Sunday, HP suddenly flashed the Blue Screen of Death and crashed. Many times. An essential system file has been corrupted probably by a virus and the computer can’t boot or remain stable long enough for me to repair the file or run a scan. I have enough knowledge to diagnosis the problem but not enough to personally traverse the minefield of digital brain surgery. I certainly don’t want to risk turning it into a vegetable (read: borking the system and losing all my precious data. This is the age of storage described in terms of terabytes; that’s a lot of information to reconstruct.) Because I’m distraught, I’ll continue to beat this metaphor and say HP now sits comatose until I can get it to a specialist. Right now I’m using Toshi the laptop which has gotten so little love lately that it balked at allowing internet access but I made it see the error of its ways. At least I’m reunited with my beloved internet.

Needless to say, with the post-blizzard mess plus two more snowfalls in less than a week, an emotionally delicate pooch, and now poor sick HP, my nerves are a bit frazzled. I wish these guys would put their clothes back on and go. Not a computer savvy one in the bunch.