Well, I tried to hold out as long as I could but the secret is out now, and on my birthday too!  The following should help explain everything:


EDIT:  I deny any recollection of this.

EDIT: I deny recollecting any recollection of this.

EDIT:  No comment.  Patty also has no comment.


42 thoughts on “BUSTED!

  1. You don’t want to be alone, you want to be with RA! Oh, and can you lend me some money!  LOL

    If it is is true that April 1st is really your birthday, Happy Birthday.

    • Yes April 1st is really my birthday.

      I was bored and wanted a job, THAT’S ALL!

      My financial adviser tells me everything is wrapped in a new venture to colonize Mars.  Sorry.

  2. It seems we have figured out who is the luckiest girl in the world. *laughing*

  3. Dammit, woman! Hold out on me like that! What’s really frustrating is that I flew here to visit you, but you’re off in Wellington!

    Motel 6 at least is cheap…

  4. You’ve been major holding out! Pom in sunglasses in NZ!! You and Garbo, I yust vant to be alone….:D


  5. Happy Birthday, Judiang !!! It already started here, I am not sure when it will start for you, but I wish you a wonderful and happy day(s) full of sunshine, joy´, love and all the possible best (and of course with the lottery jackpot)! (( Big Hug ))

    • Thank you so much!  *hugs back*   I appreciate your well wishes.  I’ve gotten  5,322 requests for money since this thing went public.  Who knew I had this many relatives?

  6. That was so fun!!  I can hardly stop laughing!! 😀  Hope you have a wonderful birthday with all that you wish for – even if it isn’t $787 million!! 🙂   Wouldn’t you think that THAT kind of money would get you onto the set without having to work??!!!  😀 😀 😀  *Giggles*

    • Thanks so much!  Yes, TPTB are incredible taskmasters.  Why, I have to dress — sorry, that’s confidential.

  7. Oh Wellington, is it really so extraordinaire as all the others say? And if so, I am jealous, indeed, very very jealous! You lucky devil! (BTW  Is there any need for an utterly trustworthy someone to carry your tiny little, striped money suitcase, just to unburden you a wee bit?)

    Judiang, all the best wishes for you on this special day. I love your blog. Good place to come by ever so often.

  8. When I read “Busted!” I thought you meant busted by the Feds and so I read further to see which of your hobbies had got you into trouble …. but it was just news about you winning the lottery and working on The Hobbit.

  9. OK, judiang, petitioning for a few $$$ to rebuild my windows. (there is a windows tax, you know) And your tenants-in-chief  or -um- lesser tenents, can only petition. So you could win here. (In Patty’s dreams).

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  11. Happy Birthday dear Judiang!:) Congratulations!:D

    Please send my regards to…Malamut owner.;)

  12. Dang Judiang! I’ve been wanting to visit a girlfriend there for years! Turns out her brother is a carpenter for the hobbit set 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday, Judi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see the Picture of the Day by the lovely ladies at RichardArmitageNet have also remembered you, too!  Just a few more days and this UK Expat will be returning to the US for a bit of R&R and a mountain of mail and admin.  Brilliant tag team for April Fool’s on your birthday.  Congratulations to all involved!!

  14. Dearest Judiang,

    Wishing you the most wonderful birthday today! Here’s a little prezzy for you (sans beard and all):


    Well, not “sans all”.  Ha!  Your blog is G rated today.  Ha!  Melissa sends her love as well.

    And congratulations on your good fortune!   Money to travel and meet up with other “interesting” dog owners is my lottery dream as well.  You are now an international woman of mystery.  It won’t be long now until the media will be beating down your door to:

    1)  invite you to appear on the Graham Norton show;
    2)  be a judge on Dancing With The Stars; and
    3)  be the page 3 girl in one of those British tabloid papers;

    I think you’ll need an assistant, an au pair, a lackey.  I’m already #1, I have a pretty good pair, and what I lack in PA experience, I make up for in chutzpah!

    Happy Birthday Again, Dear Friend!

    Cheers!   Hugs!  and Love!   Grati ;->

  15. Hi Judiang,  Happy birthday and congrats.  How about a plane full of all your subscribers for a free trip to New Zealand , Oprah style.  Wouldn’t put a dent in your winnings and maybe the New Zealand travel bureau would help like the Aussies did for Oprah.  Also why work just buy the whole production and hire all of us as extras. You could call it the Extras Special Birthday ExtRAvaganza.   I am packing right now just in case.   Thanks for the fun.

  16. Patty is wondering what the Malamutt is doing in her absence. Has his heart grown fonder?

  17. Judi, many people deny something for so long until they admit it. Hehe. A part of me wishes this were true because I don’t know anyone who wins the big prize in the lottery. 🙂

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