Behind the Curtain: Blog Maintenance

There seems to be a problem with some people getting push email notifications of comments.  Since is integrating the capabilities of some of my add-ons, I going to disable some of them to see if that’s causing the problem.  If anybody would like to be a guinea pig, please reply, subscribe to comments, and let me know if you get an email.

7 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain: Blog Maintenance

  1. Reporting that I did not get an email push notification on the most recent post, although my subs say I am subscribed to instant notification. FYI.

    • Sigh. I don’t know what’s happening. I wondered if anybody got a notification because I went from getting THREE to none. Then Judit posted, so I assume she saw it on Twitter. No clue what to do now.

      • I saw it because of the request for pingback, which I *did* get. It’s also in my RSS feed (which I wouldn’t have seen probably for a few hours if I hadn’t specifically flipped to that screen).

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