You know, just because the entire fandom has been tweeting, blogging, and tumbling pictures of Richard Armitage at the LA BAFTA Tea Party yesterday doesn’t mean I have to jump on the bandwagon.

CA: BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea

RA at some event. No clue what. Source.

I mean, the pictures would have to be half cropped to shield from view the disaster that occurred below the waist, even if I were to post them.

BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2013

Again, RA at some event. Source.

Ideally, a nice three-quarters head shot with long, curly hair at the nape and a little stubble would have been lovely.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

But since I’m the Anti-Fan gurl and need to preserve my reputation, no pictures like that will appear here.  Nope.  No siree.


13 thoughts on “BAFTA, SHMAFTA

  1. Of course you are not jumping on a bandwagon. Your published photos of an anonymous actor were only a slip of something or other. 😀

  2. Yummy RA pix! Giggles! If I had to write on the chalkboard a 1,000 times, “I will not blog about Richard Armitage”, by the 22nd time–in honor of his birthdate, of course–I would have switched over to “I will blog about Richard Armitage”. Ha!

  3. He has his cross face on in the third picture.

    “Judi, you are a bad bad fangurl. Now come here for some discipline”

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  5. Yes, we are all honest ladies aren’t we? Richard expects us to be honest I think. We understand that he wears what he wears and in this case apparently he wore what he wanted to wear but still leave the jeans at home next time. I mean he has worn jeans before but not like these really. We want to see those long, long legs and really Richard these jeans just didn’t do you justice in fashion. The shoes, well okay they’re great shoes. My view they don’t go with the outfit but I’ve been told by another fashionable gentlemen that brown goes with everything so what can I say?
    The face, the stubble and the hair and that smile, well we’ll take that any day. LOL

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