Armitage World Domination!

Well, not exactly.

For a spur of the moment fan call, the chat room experiment last night was a resounding success.  The word spread fast through blogs, Twitter and Facebook.   I got loopy after awhile and lost count but over six hours, 25+ people revolved through, lending their voices to the chatter.  Sadly the event began too late for most of the  European contingent but Canada and America represented as well as possibly Australia or New Zealand (not quite sure).  We did have some one from Jakarta!

Topics changed a zallion times covering everything from s*x (the program running the chatroom was prudish) to BBS and TR80s (if you know what those are, you’re old).  I do think  a certain british actor was discussed at least 70% of the time.  Maybe. 

Atendees seemed to enjoy themselves so efforts are underway to make the chatroom a regular feature in Armitage World.  A bigger event is in the works and we are trying to pinpoint an ideal time frame so all time zones can participate, like we did in the Christchurch telethon chatroom.  Watch this space and other blogs for more information.

A few problems popped up last night that my computer guru Trinalin (some of you met her last night) and I will work on.  Before the big event, I would like to stage an all time zone call to chat either this weekend or the next, depending how coherently I can parse code.  Ideally it will start on Saturday at 10:00PM GMT, similar to the Christchurch event.  Again, watch blogs and Twitter for an official announcement.

As I said before, this chatroom is for you, RA fans.  If you have any ideas on how we can have fun online while we weather the drought, I certainly want to hear them.  If you have any comments, complaints or love to share, feel free to comment or contact me in the tab above.

Remember, the chatroom is available 24/7  Click the chat link on the right to join, invite a friend and BOOM, you’ve got a party.

9 thoughts on “Armitage World Domination!

  1. Too bad I’m still not getting alerts to your blogposts. Bummer. It was a fun chat. I need to put the next one in my calendar. 🙂

  2. I did not get the news either, but will try to join in on the next chat. I am not home all weekends, so it depends a bit, if I get suitable computer access, but I will try.
    Thank you for organizing a chat. It is such a lovely idea to bring the fans around the world together ;o)

  3. I was thinking as part of the RARetro, perhaps we could parcel out one of the upcoming ones that has several shows and discuss via live chat instead of blog. What about Marie Lloyd? I haven’t seen it. Does it have enough interesting themes to get us going? Thoughts anyone?
    I was going to suggest North and South but that’s bound to be a really popular one with people having lots to say and wanting to take their time by writing comments. But we could select one of the short series for a chatroom discussion. Let me know what you guys think. The titles following the North and South discussion (June 29) are: Insp. Lynley, George Gently, Miss Marple, and Marie Lloyd. We could pick one and do it next weekend, Sat, June 25?
    Let me know.

    • @Calexora
      To my great surprise I did like RA’s role in Marie Lloyd quite a lot. He playes – we do not expect anything different from him – very believable and in a sweet way very likeable and consequent to the development of his connection to Mary Lloyd.
      I think that should be a nice chat topic and if I can, I very much look forward to participate.

    • Pick any project you like. I’ll be gallivanting around London next weekend, so won’t be able to participate. It sounds like a good choice for the experiment.

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