April 9th through the History of Confessions of A Watcher

Fellow bloggers Herba, Servetus, Perry, and Guylty have been posting about today through the history of their blogs.  (Let’s pretend I’m not a day late.)  So I took a look in my archives and discovered I’m not a good April blogger.  In some years I didn’t blog at all following meager posts in March.  I think the strain of stoically marking off another birthday in April contributed to the silence.  The years also reflect the trajectory of my fangurling, slowly starting out, steadily building to a flurry of writing, then leveling off to an intermittent trickle.  Such has been my life in any fandom.

2011 oversaw a steady increase in posts.  April 9th was a Saturday which meant the usual Surreal Saturday posts dedicated to the weird, the usual and the downright scary.  That day I showcased the parody group Lonely Island and their dance video The Creep.

2012 was my heyday in fandom with posts galore.  Oddly, April 9th showed a blank spot on that date between The Four Tops singing Reach Out on Serene Sunday feature and a popular Foolish Friday entry My Gal Marian.

2013 showed my fascination starting to ebb with nothing written in April between some March and May posts.  2014 to 2016 had very few posts with due to ongoing personal issues coming to the forefront.   Had I bottomed out?  I don’t know.  But I continue to post. 

Confessions of a Watcher marches on.


7 thoughts on “April 9th through the History of Confessions of A Watcher

  1. So glad you took the challenge, too, Judiang – I had totally missed that gem from 2012. Just read it, and laughed out loud. Not only a hilarious piece of writing on its own, but it then gets continued in the comments…
    Why do I have the sneaky feeling that the days of such intense reaction to a RA character are over?

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  3. lovely bounty of memories, the path is winding but always great to revisit such gems! Gotta miss that boy Gisborne, few incited such passion and devotion 🙂

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