A Pause in Scheduled Programming

Yes I’m back from NYC (with no picante sauce).  Have been trying to get my thoughts together about Love, Love, Love but the political change has come as a shock.  However, this is the U.S. process and something I will have to accept.  I’m giving myself a little time to grieve and ruminate about where we’re heading and what I can do.  As soon as I sort things out, I’ll review the play and Richard Armitage’s performances.

In the meantime, here’s a video of the November 5, 2016 stage door.

11 5 2016 stage door

Love, Love, Love Stage Door November 5, 2016

12 thoughts on “A Pause in Scheduled Programming

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  2. Thanks Judy for posting this wonderful video!! Oh, and I somehow assume how you probably feel right now. The mind is in an state of overload… What a mess!

  3. Hi Judiang,
    I feel your pain with the way the Presidential Election turned out. It’s unfathomable! But we will survive it–by helping, supporting, and standing up for each other.

    And your RA video was very welcome. I saw a cell phone vid on Twitter that someone shared showing RA giving out autographs to some other people, who were also very happy to receive them. Lucky Ladies!

    Hugs & Love! Grati ;->

  4. Oh hey, it was more than 60 seconds ;-)… Thanks for this Judi. And commiserations on the election results. At the moment, everything else seems to pale in significance, in comparison to that. I can’t quite get myself to concentrate on my own LLL review, either… It was lovely to have met you in NY, though!

  5. Judi! Thank you for posting this video! It gives me joy to look back and see that I was really there! A dream come true! Been back in the hospital with my son ever since, but I am so tremendously happy to have met up with you and all the other wonderful friends!

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  7. Just seeing this now – how lovely to see the autograph moment in action! I actually thought he might stop for a proper selfie and as such I missed out due to nervousness when he flew by – but I do have a picture that my husband took. So lovely, thanks for sharing, Judi 🙂

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