A New Guest Blogger Does A Leicestershire Lad

Today begins a special feature here at Confessions of a Watcher by new guest blogger, Fitzg.

Fitzg is our faithful commenter and sometimes guest interviewee here at ArmitageWorld.  You may have read Servetus’s wonderful interview with her for Fanstravaganza 2.  Fitz is an interesting, cultured and erudite woman with a small problem – she has no blog.  She assures me as a technophobe that will never happen because she is the “Typhoid Mary” of all things high tech.  Such a shame.  But wait- I have the tech know-how and she has the talent. Truly this feature is made in heaven.  When asked to provide a blurb about herself, she said: “It’s always a pleasure to right about Richard Armitage.”  That’s our laconic Fitz.  She’s yet to settle on a title for her bloglet but thought “Journeys through the Work of Richard Armitage” might be catchy.

As you can see, this format is new in ArmitageWorld.  To keep all of Fitzg’s pictures and formatting, I embedded her document in a Google viewer.  You can click the + sign to zoom and read, or you can click the far right corner icon (with the little black box in it) at the top of the viewer.  The page will load a full sized viewer in a new window.  Loading time should be minimal but the wait is worth it. I hope you enjoy this as much as we have. Fitz sees herself blogging sporadically, (so let’s not tell her she will be a regular guest instead.)    So give her some love and feedback and maybe can make that happen.  Be sure to let me know if you encounter any tech problems.

She also needs a blog title.

(If you’re having problems viewing this post in Internet Explorer, try another browser like Firefox or Chrome.  IE does not play well with plugins. If you trouble loading in the small viewer, click the far right icon at the top and it will load in the second viewer.)


[gview file=”http://www.jagrant.com/FitzPosts/ALeicestershireLad.docx”]


37 thoughts on “A New Guest Blogger Does A Leicestershire Lad

  1. Lovely to read more about our neighbour Leicestershire and the RA connections! Thanks, Fitzg! 🙂 Ahh, pork pies are wonderful things. In moderation! 😉

    I would point out though that C.S. Lewis wrote about Narnia – have no idea who C.P. Snow is.

  2. First, to acknowledge your comment, Traxy: of course it was C.S. Lewis and Narnia! A grievous error in transposing the name of a roughly contemporaneous author. Proofing and fact-checking fell victim to a “senior moment”. Apologies to all remaining Lewis family and Narnia-lovers.

    Second, Typhoid Mary receives only a blank box for the text (even trying firefox) -your blurb, Judiang, and comments. No little black box to click on, either.

    The hubris of an aspiring authoress is justly subdued…

    • A blank box? Did you refresh the page. Keep trying that. I have IE open here and it actually loaded, Firefox and Google too. If you still have trouble loading it in the small viewer, click the far right icon at the top and it will start loading in the big viewer. Cmon we’re gonna cure you because it would be a shame you can’t see your own work.

      Heh, think about the hubris of this geek. Sigh. 😉

  3. Ooh a blog within a blog. What will they think of next? Very fascinating background on that region, fitzg. Thanks for hosting the guestblog, judiang!

    • Had to get Fitzg into the action somehow BCC. Hope her high tech typhoid fever isn’t contagious. LOL!

      • bccmee, it’s so generous of Judiang to offer the opportunity; just wish I could develop your computer art skills, Madame. The Guy vid on your site is awesome!

  4. Thank you, Judiang and Fitzg, what a great post / double post, guest blog!!!
    I loved all the background information about Leicestershire and of course Richard III ;o)
    (Just to let you know and perhaps help others, I had to swap to Firefox to see the embedded Google Docs pages, IE9 did not work for me.)

    • CDoart, Fitz has another bloglet ready for next week, so we are on a roll.

      Yeah, the Google Viewer seems to be unpredictable but that’s pushing the boundaries of high tech for you. 😉

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  6. What a great post Fitzg!

    At last I understand why I’ve always loved Stilton, because one day I would love the lovely lad from Leicestershire!
    Loved the techno way it is presented, even Ned Ludd would appreciate its inventiveness.

    • Welcome Fabo! Good to see you here. Fitz thinks she should be key but you know I won’t let that happen. 😉

      Yeah doesn’t that look high tech? So high in fact that some folks can’t even see it. Now THAT’s high tech. 😀

      • Musa, Judi’s Google Viewer is awesome! Was so pleased that Google Chrome worked for me to view. And it took only seconds to load – otherwise Typhoid Mary would have been certain to crash the app….

        • Hi Judiang and Fitzg!
          Hey, I’m more low tech than high tech and I loved the Google Viewer! Fun to play with something new 🙂
          I hate to admit I didn’t know much about Leicestershire before and I feel I know RA a bit better too.
          Viva Richard III!

  7. Hi there fitzg!
    Great post btw and so nice of judiang for sharing. What a cool idea. Speaking of cool… I loved your Canadian tie-in (Long Johns) LOL!
    I found lots to love about Northern England when I was there, but I was in Yorkshire more than Leicestershire. Next time I’ll hang out there a bit longer. I made sure I tried the Stilton though! 🙂

      • Phylly, we must also stand up for beavers everywhere – NO Beaver Hunts!! I hope you do get to Leicestershire next time. I really only know the Home Counties and Somerset and Wilts. N&S, both book and series give me me a strong wish to explore the Midlands – and read more 19th C history.

  8. Hi Judiang and Fitzg!
    This doublet blogging feat was another treat in reading Judiang’s blog. And I love learning more about Richard, where he’s from, and what he’s interested in. I just adore that Leicester bloke. Of course, we yanks skewer the pronunciation of Leicester from “Lester” to “Lei-cester” just for fun. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Hiya Grati. This was an education for me as well. I know absolutely zip about Leicestershire except that RA is from there. That reminds me: on my first trip to London, I asked how to get to Lei-cester Square. The local looked at me with disgust and sniffed, “It’s LESTER.” 😀

      • Gratiana, and I always thought that the Belvoir was Bel-voir. Now I have to repress the image of a Beaver Hunt. Phylly and I do not wish our beloved beavers to be hunted down by a pack of beagles…

  9. Ooh Fitzg, that was so good you got me dwelling on Stilton now in hopes of a LONG John dream 🙂 keep it comin!
    Judiang I could see the blogette fine, never managed to pop it out in it’s own window.

      • Never saw an icon or prompt for it, just scrolled from right to left. Safari worked best versus other alternatives for iPad where often it would be just blank not load well. That reminded me to check my iPod .. 🙁 as you might guess & same for another browser. I know Google Docs otherwise look great on my iPod ..

  10. Hey Judi, Fitzg,

    Love this bloglet. Its an awesome idea! I got a bit of technical knowledge about embedded viewers which i will probably use in my work!! 😉

    And loved the fascinating blog on Leicestershire, so much history and information packed into it! I had a wikipedia tab opened on IE for more information :D. I missed going there in this trip, but will try next time. Also must try Stilton cheese 🙂

    Again, Love this idea! Bravo! you two!

    • Thanks PV! I got both an education in Leicestershire and Google Viewer until I sat down to put the bloglet together. Isn’t amazing what RA gets us to do? 😉

  11. pv, isn’t the Google Viewer awesome?? So sharp and clear. Fascinating for TM to see how faithfully a Word doc is transformed to blog scrolling.

  12. Really interesting Fitzg. I adore Melton Mowbray pies and when we used to have Marks and Spencer here in Canada we had to have them! Thankfully we still have a few little specialty stores which stock British things so I can still buy them. Now I can see why I love Stilton cheese so much! I often wondered!! *Note to self – add said cheese to shopping list* That way I might FINALLY dream about Richard! 😀

    A little OT but still about Leicestershire. On the map of the ‘shire you can see in the North West a place called Ashby-de-la-Zouch. It is a small market town and they have a local High School called Ivanhoe College apparently named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel. In the book Scott wrote that the town hosts an important archery competition held by Prince John in which Robin Hood competes and wins! (see Wikipedia) Sir Guy anyone??? 😉

  13. @Teuchter, That’s a fascinating addition to Leicestershire lore! Don’t you love the name Ashby-de-la-Zouche – so mediaeval. Somewhere in my no longer perfect mental information retrieval database (brain needs more RAMS – bleat), I think there was a notable de la Zouche family…back to the internet….Thank you for the Walter Scott link.

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