60 Seconds with Richard Armitage

I love this promo with Martin Freeman asking Richard Armitage short questions.  RA is relaxed, jokey and appealing. It’s longer than 60 seconds, but that’s okay.



A few observations:

  • Aha! I knew he had enough vanity not to let himself go to pot.  My shallow fangurl is SO relieved.
  • I’m stricken he won’t get on Twitter.  Well, there goes that fantasy.
  • I miss the flowing locks, too (a la Guy).   Get back to growing that hair!
  • So he and his horse (a female?!) had a flowing locks thing together.
  • “Where’s my stylist?”  Yup, we always knew that.
  • Hmmm, yeah. Don’t try jokes.  Just smile for the camera, luv.
  • He’s also contradicted everything he’s said before, but hey, who’s paying attention?  😉


I’m still looking for creative writing ideas for Christmas week.  What story would you love for me to write?  This is your chance!

Oh! Here’s 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman.  Love how RA corrects, with a shift of the eyes, about “milky ‘foot’ substance” flying into a woman’s mouth. Whatever were you thinking, RA?  MF: “My publicist is having a coronary.”  Plus at the end MF: “I wonder how long my career will last. What a shame it’s over just as it’s beginning.”



29 thoughts on “60 Seconds with Richard Armitage

  1. I feel validated. The “Leo” finally admits that he is vain. The other day he admitted he is proud, so he is dishing out the honesty left and right!
    Martin is right, by the way, Richard could put on 20 pounds of muscle easily. I wish the interview had been longer. Also, I love Martin. I want to take them both home with me. One to make me laugh and cuddle, the other for…everything else! ;D

    Thank you for posting this video! I reblogged it STAT!

    • Yeah, he couldn’t even be an actor without some level of vanity, pride and ego. He’d get crushed otherwise. I’m glad he was finally honest.

      They make a great team. I looked for 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman but didn’t see anything. Martin is growing on me more and more.

      Ohhh, didn’t realize you felt that way about Martin. 😉

      • Don’t get me wrong. I don’t lust after Martin at all, but he has a fantastic personality and I can see him charming the pants off many women. I love the way he laughs, and that in spite of the times when he is crude with his language, he really does have a good heart and is a decent man. Also I do have a major crush on his Dr. Watson! I like him better than Sherlock. shhhhhh! hahahaha
        Richard has allowed himself these past few weeks to unleash his world-class flirting skills. It’s not good for my health or my sanity. He will kill me any day soon. ;D

  2. Thanks, Judi! I absolutely love this!

    “What would you do if I had a gun?” LOL
    “This isn’t live, is it?” ROFLMAO

    Yeah, I think a reblog is in order. *giggle*

    • Live? The mind boggles …

      I want to be one of the behind-the-cameras people. What a great show they got! 🙂

      They’re both a couple of cheeky devils …

      Christmas story: Thorin “letting his hair down” and having a bit of romance. Poor boy needs a little somethin’ somethin’. Know what I mean?

    • So busted *chuckle* … my boss just peeked in because I’m laughing so hard I’m sobbing and have tears running down my face. He thought something was wrong. ROFL

  3. “The Dwarves’ Christmas” starring the renowned Shakespearean actor, Richard A….
    With Gollum as the Grinch. And Sir Ian as the Ghost of Christmas Past…

  4. This is my absolute favorite kind of “interview” …that at least seems more candid 🙂 Don’t despair…RA might not be on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean “Alia” isn’t 😉

  5. How about a Guy Christmas story, perhaps he gets a little something-something under the mistletoe with Marian? Oh boy, I’ve been trying to formulate a comment on the videos for a while now and I don’t think it’s possible.

  6. Ok, hate to say this, Richard is funny, but Martin is hilarious. Love his humor, Richard has a great sense of humor too but he is a bit conscious and cautious, Martin is spontaneous! Sorry RA and my dear fellow fans! Honestly, I love the man! and I am not really sure he is that vain as he proclaims, although most Leos are, he is still a cusp and shows it.

    • Yes, Martin is Martin. What comes up, comes out, F bombs and all. 😀

      RA does try, but he needs an extrovert with him to play off.

      I think he’s vain hand health conscious enough not to let that fit form go.

      • I love how he trys to pull Martin back from the edge…”milky FOOT substance…” *gasp* That is some funny stuff. I just started watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix…Freeman is definitely growing on me too 🙂

    • Mr. A is the perfect straight man of a comedy duo. Harry to Gerry; Abbot, or was it Costello to the other.George Burns to Gracie…..Reactions. Facial expressions, and quick-witted ripostes.

  7. Judi – I have no idea where you find this stuff – but I gotta say, if I’ve only got about 8 minutes to check in – your blog doesn’t disappoint!

    I remember seeing something similar with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender when they were doing X-Men First Class. That Cinemax – they really understand the Bro-mance of interviewing!!

    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  8. Martin is a significant Watson – holds his own with the domineering Holmes; Cumberbatch couldn’t steal all the scenes. Agree too, Armitage interviews during the Hobbit tours much “looser”. The shy, humble, perfect gentleman was becoming too good to be true. (Yes, we like our heroes to have flaws – vanity,the ego to have persisted in the acting career) and a bit of clowning doesn’t come amiss. The discussion of “weapons” with the Birmingham lady was just funny! Revelation: he’s human!

  9. RA is adorable here and MF is hysterical. I must admit I’ve watched the 60 secs with MF more because he is SO funny and because I love the way RA tries to soften the “milky substance” comment ! I also love his geekiness and I adore his joke telling because it is so normal and endearing. But the most revealing thing for me is the difference in his persona when he turns and addresses the camera at the end- he goes from boy next door to sex object in one second. Whoever said the camera loves him was spot on.

  10. Very funny videos, I saw them yesterday, a friend has posted them on her Facebook wall.

    I forwarded them to my wall and my Twitter. It was 1 am in the morning and I posted message on Twitter instead to go to bed, lol.

  11. Giggles Judiang,
    When you asked for ideas, the thought of a Richard Armitage Chevy Chase style “Unexpected Premiere Road Trip Vacation” movie came to mind. You would have to have several standard comic elements:
    1) An obnoxious road trip partner for RA; How about Martin Freeman F bombing his way through children’s hospital charity visits and RA trying unsuccessfully to get him to stop;
    2) Alternate forms of transportation–no VIP class Boeing 747 for RA and MF. No, they get the puddle jumper bi-plane that seats 8, plus the mail, and a coffin with remains in it.
    3) Speaking of which, RA & MF get misdirected on their “unexpected journey” and they end up in Springfield, Illinois–where they have a surreal Simpson’s experience. Doh!
    4) And we can’t forget that they have to have a spouse/girlfriend swap. So we know that RA will end up with MF’s lovely wife. But who will MF end up with? Will one of RA’s “exes” really want to fill in for him this time?
    5) All’s well that ends well–RA will have his head shaved while he sleeps and wake up looking like a shorter Graham McTavish. While MF will have an aversive therapy chip installed in his privates. Every time he lets loose with an F bomb, he gets zapped
    This is just off the top of my head. Ha!
    Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

  12. I know what you mean about contradicting himself. I’ve read several interviews where he’s said things that directly contradict things he’s previously said. I don’t mean opinion or lifestyle things, since those can change easily and it would be a surprise if he did manage to consistently say all the same things year after year. I mean factual things, like that some specific event happened at this time or that. Some of these things are directly from him, so it’s not a matter of interviewers just getting their facts wrong or misunderstanding him. I wonder if he’s done that to deliberately obscure parts of his life and keep the general public out of it, or if he honestly doesn’t remember certain things.

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