A Pause in Scheduled Programming

Yes I’m back from NYC (with no picante sauce).  Have been trying to get my thoughts together about Love, Love, Love but the political change has come as a shock.  However, this is the U.S. process and something I will have to accept.  I’m giving myself a little time to grieve and ruminate about where we’re heading and what I can do.  As soon as I sort things out, I’ll review the play and Richard Armitage’s performances.

In the meantime, here’s a video of the November 5, 2016 stage door.

11 5 2016 stage door

Love, Love, Love Stage Door November 5, 2016

NYC: Love, Love, Love

Zan and I had tickets for Saturday night to see Love, Love, Love, so Friday night was free. So of course we went to the Laura Pels Theater to see if they just happened to have any extra tickets. Lo and behold, they did. Guess where we spent our evening?

Afterwards we met up follow attendee bloggers and piled into O’Brien’s across the street. Much talk, food and and drink was had by all.

More tomorrow.

Oh, and have a picture.


NaNoWriMo 2016 is Starting!

nanowrimo_desktop_by_hermiejr157National Novel Writing Month 2016 is here!  If you’ve been itching to write that Great Novel then this is the month to do it.  You know you want to.  Just sit down and pound out 1,667 words and you’re on your way.  Don’t have an outline? Don’t worry.  Be a pantser and make it up as you go.  Spontaneity is good too.  Check out the website or writing.com inspiration or support.  Everything is at your fingertips there.

Leave me a comment if you’re getting started.  Maybe this can become a mega-thread for participants.