Merry Christmas Eve



I left for friends’ house two days ago for a cookie bake.  The bake turned to elfing and then shopping and eating and  weathering a deep freeze and before I knew it, I just returned home today.  Goodness, do those friends know how to hustle and bustle.  Tomorrow, I return there for Christmas dinner, but today, I visit family.  It’s still very cold but tonight, we are getting SNOW! Whee!  My inner child is quite happy.   So it’s all good in my world.

Have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it.  Enjoy yourselves and be a safe out there.


Surreal Saturday: I See Fire – Peter Hollens Cover

Weathering a bit of post-NaNoWriMo and pre-holiday blues, so I’ve returned to blogging on orders of Dr. G.  Write, she said. Wrote it on her pad and everything.   So, here am I writing. I think.

Anyway, I finally saw Desolation of SmOUg by accident, by that I mean my nose caught a whiff of fresh popcorn as I walked by the building and led me in.  Hey, I’m dieting so my sense of smell is very acute.  A review will follow next week, so all I will say is that I enjoyed it.

I caught the Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire a few months ago when Peter Jackson posted it on YouTube.  Naturally, artists are doing covers of the song.   The following one, by Peter Hollens, has been my favorite.  Actually prefer it to the original.


No Title

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