Serene Sunday – Peace Train

Serene Sunday is interrupted to report from sunny, hot Chicago.  The NATO summit meeting is starting today at McCormick Place, just 9 blocks south from me.  Meanwhile, in Grant Park, the protesters are expected to hold a rally and then march south on Michigan Avenue a block away, to the site of the summit.  Needless to say, the area is a bit anxious.

So far, demonstration have been pretty peaceful with a few scrums with police.  But nobody knows what could happen if more violent elements join.  Downtown and the South Loop has been preparing for this like the coming of WWIII.  Police and private security are crawling all over the place.  My building is on semi-lockdown.  If we aren’t instantly recognized, we need ID to get in and out, pedestrians and motorists. Anything that can used to throw or smash have been removed.  All the streets around me are now blocked off.  Lake Shore Drive is closed which is almost unheard of.  Many of the businesses have boarded over their windows. Choppers are flying back and forth.   I’ve not seen anything like this.

Right now it seems like everybody is out walking the dogs and milling around in pockets.  Nobody knows what will happen.  Hopefully it will be a non-event.

In the meantime, enjoy Peace Train by Cat Stevens.

Cat Stevens- Peace Train

Wakefield Peace Train – a lava lamp photo collage dedicated to a village at a hallowed junction between time and space – where the story of its glory is written in seasons beside the tracks of the old 909


Foolish Friday – Nipples!

[I can’t seem to blog lately unless I’m perving, so I’m going to go with it, okay dear reader?]

Trying to get inspiration for today’s post for your objectifying needs, I’ve been perusing the world of Tumblr where anybody born between 1975 and 1995 is deemed old.  I can’t imagine what I’m considered. Anyway, it’s an addictive medium where a lovely picture leads to another lovely picture and another until you’ve waded through hundreds of pics over tens of tumblrlogs.   My Methuselah self was quite impressed how these young’uns don’t mince words, simply telling it like it is when I came across an entry by our own thefrencharmitagearmy who not only has a blog but a tumblrlog. (She’s new to ArmitageWorld so give her your love.)  She made a confession that stopped even jaded me in my tracks.

What did she say???

“I’ve recently developed a certain fetish for his nipples.”   Do I seriously need to tell you whose?

I laughed before it quickly dawned on me, “OMG, ME TOO!”

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Nipples galore!

Guy and Lucas nipple porn

You may want to go here, and click on the photos, arranged in loving detail, to view the deliciously large HD screencaps for closer analysis.  In the interest of science, I urge you to do that now.  Observe the round perfection of each round areola, not too big, not too small.  Note the exact centering of each perk tip. They accentuate the already lovely symmetry of the pecs.  Truly, they are like perfect little Hershey’s kisses.

More nipples galore!

Porter nipple porn

Click here for those large HD pics.  These screencaps showcase them ever better.  Buffer body equals buffer nipples?  You be the judge.  So, just like thearmitagearmy, I humbly confess my secret adoration for RA’s nipples. If I had to pick his most sublime feature, this would be it.

Ahhhhhh.  Thanks, thearmitagearmy, for putting me back in touch with my objectifying fangurl.  I missed her.