2012 New Year’s Non-Resolutions

Of course, you’ve all read, made, or discussed New Year’s resolution lists for the coming year.

Have no fear, this is not one of them. I’ve given up that nonsense.

Year after year, I lemming-like would draw up a list of resolutions.  Usually they involved becoming more thin, smart, compassionate, sociable and thrifty, and less selfish, judgmental,  isolated, cynical and snarky.  Each year I would fail miserable, having promptly forgotten most of them by the next day, only to remember finally when time to draw up new resolutions for the following year.

So, instead of concerted efforts of self-improvement, I simply seize the opportunities as they arise.  My depression pudge will diminish with Winston properly coraled; I’ll be able to get out more, meet more people and expand my horizons.  If a book seems interesting, I’ll download it.  If a situation arises, I’ll look at both sides of the conflict.  If I feel moved by a charitable effort, I’ll give.  The point is not to tie myself to lists or tests to pass or fail, but improve life as it happens.  I’ve found that I actually do get things done if I view them as an opportunities, rather than obligations.

Looking back on this past year I worked on getting Winston under control, journeyed to London alone, met new people, gave more to charity, started this blog, and explored my creativity all because the opportunities presented themselves.  They might be small, but they still feel like accomplishments.  This year, I won’t resolve to do more of the same.

But I’ll stay snarky.

13 thoughts on “2012 New Year’s Non-Resolutions

  1. I don’t need New Year’s resolutions; I’m perfect.  😀 I have petition signed by friends and relations attesting to it. It required very few threats and bribes….

  2. You already are thin, smart, sociable, compassionate and thrifty. Your problem is that you are resolving resolutions that you have already fulfilled.

  3. I can very well imagine that Servetus is right as she has met you in person 😉
    As for  New Year’s resolutions I heartily agree with you. I actually never felt the urge to make any – certainly not because I’m already perfect but because I know I won’t change my behaviour just because a new year begins. So no resolution to get out of bed earlier, to take up jogging again or to eat less chocolate although I would benefit from all of those 🙂 Perhaps I will do one or all of these sometime this year or perhaps not – who knows? 🙂

  4. New years, schmew shmears.  I’ve always found it easier to just make changes when I feel the need to rather than waiting for an arbitrary date.  And now I want a bagel.

  5. – Dang girl! That’s one heck of an audacious list!!! Very ipesirnd to actually sit and think through some of my own goals and write. them. down. It’s always scary to write them down b/c that means I’m really going to try, and if I don’t do them, then I’ve failed or something. very scary concept! Thanks for the inspiration!Oh, and I can help you with a few of these particularly #47!p.s. Road trip through the South is on there twice January 4, 2012 11:10 am

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